Mustio Manor is one of the most precious manor houses in Finland with a history of more than two hundred years.

The Manor is situated about 80km west of Helsinki along the Finnish coast, in western Uusimaa in the County of Raseborg in a small village named Svartå in Swedish or Mustio in Finnish.

Today the manor is a museum open to the public, complete with guided tours in many languages. The museum can only be visited with the guide during the guided tours.

The wooden Svartå Manor is nestled in one of the biggest private historical parks in Finland.


Linnakierros puistokierros

The interior is restored to its original state with its different tiled stoves, Gustavian furniture and original parquet floors.


The Svartå Manor can be visited with our guides, who will describes the history and the interesting personalities connected to Mustio Manor. Our guide can also put a focus on special interests like furniture, paintings, family history or ghost stories and anecdotes.

The tour in the manor takes about 45 minutes and is offered in Finnish. Tours in Swedish, English, German, French or Russian is arranged by agreement by pre booking.

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We can only welcome a restricted amount of persons to the tour, please prebook.




4€/children (under 12 years accompanied by an adult)

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2€/children (under 12 years accompanied by an adult)


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Guided tour through the Svartå park

Prices according to the price list and amount of persons mentioned above, minimum fee starting from 95€.

Prebooking needed.


Guided tour through the village of the ironworks

Prices according to the price list and amount of persons mentioned above, minimum fee starting from 95€.

Prebooking needed.


We reserve the right to changes


Mustion Linnan historiaan ja mielenkiintoisiin henkilötarinoihin voi tutustua opastetulla kierroksella oppaamme johdolla.




Over 10 persons tours can be arranged when safety distance can be held. To the open tours the group size can be up to 35 persons.



The front door of the museum is looked and are opened when the tour begins by the guide. Please be on time for the tour and bring your receipt of payment with you.



If you get delayed, please inform us if possible. The front door of the Castle is looked when the tour begins. If you are late and arrive after the door is closed, pleas ask for help from hotel reception. The front desk is in the same building as the restaurant, opposite the museum, beside the Stable confers building. Map over the area (beneath the street map)



If it rains, please be aware that there is no rain shelter outside the Castle. In the reception you find umbrellas for sale.

There are no room for waiting in the Restaurant because current restrictions requires a table place for every Restaurant visitor. The space in the entrance of the restaurant and the reception is also limited. On the restaurants second floor you find the restrooms. Here is also a cabinet where you can wait if its occupied and if you can take safety distances into consideration.



The guides give you instructions in the beginning of the tour, for safety reasons we kindly ask you to follow the instructions given by the personnel. When visiting smaller spaces/rooms the guide divides the group so that all can pass safely. We also ask guests to avoid touching surfaces like doors, handles, furniture, walls as far as possible.



We ask all guests to use hand sanitizer when they arrive at the Museum. Sanitizer gel is avaiable in the Museums lobby.



The use of face masks is strongly recommended. If you can’t use a mask, we kindly ask you to keep a safety distance and good hand hygiene.



Kindly observe that maintaining safety distance and following instructions is the guests own responsibility. Mustio Manors personnel has the right to ask visitors not following instructions to leave the area.



If you don’t feel comfortable and safe on the tour, inform the guide that you are leaving and come to the reception so that we can try to find another more suitable tour for you. We are glad to help hope that you enjoy your stay.



It´s also possible to order private guided tours through the year, please contact our sales office for prices and bookings.



Mustio Manor is under the supervision of the Finnish National Board of Antiquities. There is camera surveillance in the Manor House. As a guest in the museum, you are responsible for any damage you may cause.  If you book for a group, the one who made the reservation is responsible for any damages made by the group.

Children should be accompanied by an adult, children are on the adults responsibility.

We kindly ask you to let us know of any physical challenge. There is no elevator in the old manor house. There is a ramp available for entering the building. It is possible to have most of the guided tour in the first floor of the museum.

As a guest in the museum you are responsible for any damage you may cause. Children should be under the supervision of their parents and are at their parents responsibility.


Mustion Linnan museossa voitte tutustua paikan pitkään historian. Interiööri runsaine maalauksineen, koristeltuine kaakeliuuneineen, kustavilainen kalustus ja alkuperäiset parkettilattiat on restauroitu alkuperäiseen kuntoonsa.




Mustio Manor is maintained through business profit.

Mangus Linder bought back his childhood home and started the business 1985. Mustio manor is owned  by the Linder family. The manor house has been run by a foundation sinch Magnus Linders death and is under the supervision of the Finnish National Board of Antiquities 


The owners does not take out any profit. The aim is to preserve a historically important area for coming generations according to Magnus Linders winches 

Any profit is uses to maintain, restore an develop the area and budlings. 

We want to thank all our guests! By visiting Mustio Manor and using our services you contribute to help us preserve this important historical cultural heritage for coming generations.

Thank you for your visit and warmly welcome to Mustio Manor! 


MustionLinna SYKSY